We have custom fabricated Carbide tips for most makes & models!

VW Manufacturing strive to give you the farmer, the best value in drill points and openers possible. We have the most carbide this resulting in more acres, which means less money spent overall. As all farmers know, the more seeds you can put in the ground with the least amount spent year over year, meand more bushels and more money to you. Purchasing VW Points and openers will be the smallest investment and the best purchase you can make today, to get your crop into the ground tomorrow and into the bin year after year.

Our VW Spread points are the easiest pulling lowest draft longest wearing points you can buy today. Compare ours to other drill points, and you will see we have the most carbide, and VW spread points require less pull through the soil.

"Think Slicing-Not Plowing"

When it comes to drill points, carbide is key. Always compare apples to apples – carbide to carbide. After all you're buying something that eventually wears away in the soil. Be sure your getting the most value for your dollar, the most "bang for you buck", points that wear prematurely maybe weren't such the good deal after all

At VW: "We Make The Carbide Do All The Work All The Time"